When students and teachers meet in the classroom

Students and teachers will have a chance to meet each other in the hall and have a chat about the latest academic trends.

The event, called ‘Students and Teachers: Meet in the Hall’, will take place from 9am-11.30am at the University of Reading, in the city’s North Reading district.

The meeting is free and open to the public.

The university said it would not host a traditional meeting in its halls, but that it was interested in taking this opportunity to provide students with more opportunities to interact with each other.

“The students will have the chance to hear from each other, and the discussions will take on a new, more personal dimension,” said John Beddington, vice-chancellor of the university.

He added that the university would encourage students to engage with the event on social media, as well as through the university’s social media channels.

He said the university was looking for ideas on how to get the conversation going in the halls.

“We’re looking for ways to create a more inclusive space, whether that’s through new ideas on student engagement, or through how to make it easier for students to meet other students in the building,” he said.

He was asked if there would be a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to the meeting.

“I can’t answer that question because it depends on the venue,” he replied.

“It depends on what you want to do, and what you think is important for students.”

A student with a disability was not at the meeting, as he was studying.

Beddingham said the event was not intended to offend anyone.

“There are different groups who may find that offensive,” he added.

“In this case, I think it’s a good way for the students to get together and talk about the academic issues and what’s going on in the world, whether it’s climate change, or whether it might be an issue around the funding of universities.”

What you need to know about the Ebola outbreak:

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