How to avoid the ‘Chinese trap’

Students from China are entering the United States as refugees and making it to the U.S. without proper documentation, according to a new report by a watchdog group.

The International Rescue Committee, which is funded by the Obama administration, said last week that Chinese students were using fake visas to enter the country as “refugees.”

The group says that between October and December last year, Chinese students from across the country were allowed into the U: 1,878 of them, according a report from the nonprofit advocacy group.

But that figure includes only the most recent batch of Chinese students, which were admitted in October.

“As a result of the massive influx of Chinese immigrants into the United Sates, USCIS has been forced to issue a number of false and misleading information regarding these students, many of whom were not even eligible for admission under the EB-5 program,” said Matthew Schubert, director of IRCC’s International Refugee Program.

“The real issue is the fact that so many of these Chinese students are arriving with false documentation and have been left with no choice but to file a fraudulent asylum claim in order to remain in the U.”

USCIS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The U.K.-based group has called for tighter controls on Chinese immigration and has said it has a system in place to vet applicants for admission to the country.

USCIS was the first federal agency to publicly issue a report on Chinese students entering the U, after the U-K.

government announced in April it would do so.

In the report, IRCC says there are “more than 20,000 cases of Chinese immigration fraud involving nearly 2,000 individuals who were admitted as refugees or otherwise unlawfully to the United Kingdom in 2016, the first year for which data is available.”

The IRCC report does not give details on how many people were admitted under false documentation or how many had their claims denied.

“If USCIS is not enforcing its own policies and policies in the United STATES, then they are committing a grave breach of international law,” said Paul Zayas, the group’s vice president for immigration and refugees.

Zayos said that as of October, USCIs data showed that 1,955 Chinese had entered the U., mostly from China, in that same time period.

But USCIS also reported that it had received more than 7,300 claims of fraud, including at least 5,200 fraud claims that were rejected by the government.

In a statement, USC’s office of the inspector general said it was working with the department’s Citizenship and Immigration Services to improve the vetting process.

“We will continue to work with USCIS to ensure that we are fully compliant with the law and will ensure that all applicants receive the necessary documentation to ensure their admission to this country,” the statement said.

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