How to get your macbook to work with your Spanish-speaking friends

Students in a small Spanish-medium country like El Salvador have found a way to make a small but significant difference to their students’ life.

With a collaboration between the university, the student portal and the local Apple, the students have managed to turn their students into Spanish speakers in a relatively simple way.

They have created a free app, Utek.

They are asking the Apple iOS app store to help them make the app available for everyone.

Students who already have a Macbook or MacBook Pro and are using the app can simply switch it on in the app and access it from their Spanish-language home.

The students have also managed to set up a website where they can provide the information that the students need to communicate their experiences in Spanish to their Spanish friends.

This is what they have to say: This is the first time that a Spanish-speaker has managed to make this sort of change.

Since I am an engineer, I understand that I am responsible for the implementation of my own ideas.

But as a student, I am very interested in the language.

I want to share with my friends how I learned to use the language with my Spanish friends, and how I can use it with my French friends.

I have started with the first steps that I had to take, and then added a few more steps, and I am quite happy with the results.

I am confident that this new project will benefit many students, who would otherwise not have access to such a program.

If you are a student in El Salvador, this app is perfect for you, as it allows you to access all of your university work in Spanish, while also sharing it with your French and English-speaking peers.

The app is free to download, but the cost of the app will be a little more than the cost for an iPad version of the program, at around $10.

If you are in El Solano or San Salvador and would like to be a part of this project, you can register for an invite-only invitation by visiting and clicking on the invite button.

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