‘I can’t believe it’s all over’: Parents tell of terrifying experiences of the coronavirus

Parents and teachers have described the fear and trauma they have felt after the coronivirus pandemic, which has left thousands of families without family and friends and forced thousands of schools to close.

As parents and school staff struggle to cope with the virus’s impact on their children, a group of parents has set up a new website called “Airschools for the Parents”.

On the website, parents have written stories about the horrors they experienced as a result of the virus.

One of the stories is about a mother who was forced to move to a house that no longer had a bedroom for her and her two young children.

She was unable to get the house cleaned because it was in a residential building, so the family had to move into a carpark.

“The worst thing was when the cleaning lady came in with a bucket, and I was in the car, I was crying because she was throwing it at me.

The bucket was my own, and she said ‘no’ and I felt so violated,” said the woman, who gave her name as Jules.”

My children, especially my eldest, I had no one to talk to, no one that was going to listen to me.

There was no one for them to hold them, no care.

There were no parents.

They didn’t have a home, no parents they didn’t even have a name.”

A number of other parents have shared similar stories on the website.

“It was terrible,” said a father of two.

“My eldest son had asthma and he had to take medication every day, and when he had asthma, it would just start getting worse and worse, and then it would get worse and then he was having to have an asthma inhaler for his asthma.”

When my eldest son went to bed every night, the inhaler would start buzzing, and he’d be so upset and he would start crying, and all he wanted to do was go to sleep, and now he couldn’t.

“Another woman said she had to leave her children at home because she couldn’t get them vaccinated.”

I had to send my children to school, because I couldn’t go and get them the vaccination, and because I didn’t want them to go to school,” she said.”

And then I had to find a way to pay for it.

“Parents have also spoken of the fear they felt when they realised that their children’s education was being cancelled, and of the uncertainty that their child’s education could cause for them.”

As a parent I don’t want my children losing a lot of the support they have.

I don ‘t want them taking anything away from me, they are my children.””

I’m not going to give them the opportunity to learn the skills they need to get ahead, I want my child to have that chance.

I don ‘t want them taking anything away from me, they are my children.”

Another parent said the lack of support she received from her children was one of the most painful aspects of the pandemic.

“We don’t have the support.

I mean it’s heartbreaking,” she told HuffPost Australia.”

You know, we have a family doctor, we don’t even know if we have our kids in Australia, and they don’t know if they have any vaccine, we can’t even get a quote for the vaccine because there’s no guarantee they are going to get it, and we are not even sure if they’re going to be vaccinated.

And we don ‘ve got to be on top of it, because if we don’ t do that, then our children ‘re going to suffer.'”

And that’s not just my daughter, that’s for sure.

“Parents who attended the coronioralyme conference in Adelaide last week said they were concerned that parents were being left behind by schools who had closed because of the epidemic.”

If you are a parent who has a child with asthma, or who is having a child who is allergic to some of the allergens, and you are not getting the vaccine, you need to know that this is a very serious situation, that you are leaving your children behind,” said an Airschools teacher.”

Parents who have children with asthma and they are still not getting their vaccines, we know that it is very hard to explain to parents that this does not happen in Australia.

“Many of the parents also told HuffPost they were struggling to find work, due to the lack in funding.”

There are so many schools and they have closed. “

There are not enough teachers, there are not teachers with the skills, there is not enough support.

There are so many schools and they have closed.

I feel like there are no more jobs available.”‘

I’m a bit scared’: Australian mum of four with cancer tells of her shock after learning she would be unable to return to AustraliaAmber Langer is a mother

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