Students, teachers unite to support ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests

Students at a middle school in Texas, protesting police brutality, have rallied to support “Black Lives Matters.”

The Texas Independent School District issued a statement Monday evening calling on its students to rally to support the students “who have suffered due to police brutality.”

The school district, in a statement, said that a student in the school who was shot in the head on Saturday by a police officer was in critical condition and that he is expected to survive.

“Our schools must be a safe space where all students feel safe, respected and heard,” the statement reads.

“This is especially true in our districts that are often under-resourced and under-represented in our communities.”

The district has already put out a statement on social media calling for unity and calling for students to “stand with the students who have suffered from police brutality in Texas.”

“We are here to support all students who are involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” the district’s statement read.

“We urge you to join us and join us in supporting our students and supporting our community.”

The protest, which took place outside the school, was sparked after a video surfaced online of a black teen who was allegedly hit by a white police officer while on a sidewalk.

In the video, the teen can be seen on the ground while a white officer tells him to “get the f*** off the sidewalk.”

The teen can then be heard saying, “I have a weapon and I have a gun.

He doesn’t have to hurt me, I’m unarmed.”

In the video that was published online, the officer can be heard asking, “Is that a gun, man?

What are you doing?”

The officer then points his gun at the teen and tells him, “Get the f— off the street.”

The officer can then point his gun toward the teen, who is seen on video being struck in the back of the head by the officer’s gun.

The officer’s face can be visible in the video.

The school board has called for the school district to “investigate the circumstances surrounding this incident and the officer involved” in the incident.

The district’s response to the protests, however, did not mention the shooting by name, instead focusing on the school’s failure to hire more police officers.

The board has also called for students in the district to participate in “peaceful, peaceful demonstrations” and has called on the police department to review its use of force policies.

“As a school district we must continue to prioritize hiring more police, addressing our community’s systemic issues with racial profiling and policing, and ensuring our students feel free to participate and express themselves,” the board said in a release.

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