How to use the Student app to help with school visits

Student App has just been updated with a brand new version, allowing students to track the school visits of other students, with the option to view the schools details in the app.

The new Student App features a new tab that allows students to enter their contact details for other students.

The tab allows students the option of viewing the schools contact details on the main Student App page, and the ability to see the contact details of other people who have attended the same school.

If you’re a student or staff member and you want to help others get the school visit information for a friend, for example, you can use the new Student app’s contact information tab.

If you’re not sure whether a student has attended a school, you may be able to use Student’s Student Chat feature to ask for the contact information of the student.

When a school visits you, you’ll be able tap on the School’s name in the Student App to see a list of schools nearby.

You’ll also be able access your friends contact details in Student’s Contact List, and you’ll have the option for displaying the school’s contact details to other students in the School Details tab.

If a school does not show up in the list of nearby schools, you will still be able see the school on the Student’s Map.

If an individual student does not wish to receive a school visit, you might be able use Student Chat to ask them for the information, but you’ll still be required to enter the contact data of the person.

Students can also check the school and school visitor information on the map by tapping the map icon at the bottom of the Student Map, or by clicking on the “School Visits” icon.

When you’re finished using the Student application, you have the ability for you to share the information with friends or family.

The Sharing icon on the right of the School Visits tab will allow you to view a list or share a school or school visitor.

Students will be able view the school visitor’s contact data on the same page as their school, as well as other students who have visited the same student.

If there are more than two schools with the same name, you are able to choose the “Other schools” tab to view each of the schools information.

If someone has a different school name, it will show the school that is closest to the person you wish to contact, or a red circle with the school name will appear on the top right corner of the page.

The School Details tabs can be accessed by students who do not have the Student ID.

The School Visit tab will display the contact list of the other schools students who are visiting.

You will also be given the option from the School Settings tab to change the “Show Friends List” option from “Off” to “On”.

If you need help with your school visit or are a parent, contact student service, or school staff member, students can also contact the Student Helpdesk to request help.

The updated Student app has also been updated to include the new features that were included in the latest version of the app, and to remove the old School Details Tab, so you can focus on the school you want.

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