When you test positive for a COVID-19 vaccine: How to get a deferral

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that all children younger than 18 who tested positive for COVID infections between April 1, 2016 and April 5, 2017 are now eligible for deferral.

CDC announced the deferral Friday, citing “limited access” to the vaccine in some states and in some cases, not receiving the vaccine during the first week of testing.

The deferral applies to all patients who were infected with the coronavirus before April 5.

“There are some areas of the country where the CDC is not receiving enough testing from the states, so there are some people who are not getting the vaccine,” said Dr. James Carver, who heads the CDC’s COVID Vaccine Coordinating Center.

“But there is a good chance that those people will be eligible for a deferment.”

The new deferral allows adults who tested negative for the coronovirus at least 18 weeks before the end of April to be eligible to receive a deferring COVID vaccine if they live in one of those states.

The CDC is still working on a list of states that are receiving a full vaccine supply, and the CDC does not yet have a date for when the vaccine will be delivered to those states and others.

For example, if the state of Texas was not receiving COVID vaccines from March, it will not be able to defer its vaccine until April 5 of this year.

However, if Texas receives all of the vaccines in the next several weeks, the state will be able defer its COVID vaccinations until April 19.

Carver said that the deferment does not apply to COVID patients who live in other states, which could include those in Texas.

However he noted that patients who travel to Texas for medical care and travel to other states are still considered to have been infected.

The CDC announced that patients diagnosed with coronaviruses between April 5 and June 4, 2018, were eligible for the deferments.

While there is no guarantee that the vaccine can be delivered before that date, there is an estimated 4 million people who could be eligible in the US, according to the CDC.

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