This is the most embarrassing tweet from a high school student ever

I think you guys know what I’m saying.

It’s the most humiliating tweet I’ve ever seen.

And I think it’s the first tweet I have ever seen where a student was able to use his real name and tweet it out without the use of a verified account.

I think I can get a tweet from this.

I know this because a couple days ago, my Twitter feed went dark for six hours.

It was a total shock.

And my tweets were completely out of order.

So, it took me a while to figure out what was going on.

But I eventually figured out that the tweets were all from the same account, which means that someone from the account was able for whatever reason to send the tweets.

It also means that I was probably able to get one tweet out of the entire account, but only one.

And that tweet was an embarrassing tweet.

I posted it and it got over 1,000 retweets and it took my Twitter to a new low.

That’s pretty embarrassing.

The Twitter account, @mikemccormack, is a student at the University of Missouri.

The tweet, I think, has been widely retweeted by other students.

The most retweeted tweet, from this account, was from Mike McCormack.

And it’s now gone viral.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, which was posted yesterday afternoon: The tweet in question was posted on June 30th.

That was my second day in class, and the first day of the first term.

Mike was doing a class on the Internet, and we were learning about how social media works.

Mike told me he had been following me on Twitter.

We were going to a bar.

And then he tweeted me the same thing he had tweeted me before, about the bar.

It had a lot of buzz around it, so we went to a few places to meet.

The bar wasn’t really big, but I was like, “I’ll take the opportunity to meet you.”

And then we went back to the bar and he texted me again and I just thought it was a really weird thing to do.

But he didn’t want to tell me his real Twitter handle, so I didn’t say anything.

I’m like, why do you want to know my real Twitter account?

I didn, like, tell him.

He said he was just being honest, and he’s like, I have to tell you.

And so I told him, “Oh yeah, I really liked the bar.”

And he said, “Why did you ask me that?”

And I said, I don’t know, but it was like a dumb thing to say.

He texted me back, and I said to him, like I know, I can’t believe I just said that.

I thought it had to be something like, this guy has my real name, so why would he want to ask me my real handle?

I thought maybe he’s just trying to embarrass me.

And he was like “I’m sorry.

I don�t want to do that.

Just go ahead and say your real name.

And, um, yeah, go ahead.

I guess I just didn�t think you were real.”

And so he texted back and he sent me a link to his Twitter account and he said he had deleted it.

And a couple of days later, I got an email from the tweet.

And the tweet said that Mike McCormick had deleted his Twitter handle.

And in the email, he said that he deleted the account because he had an email account that was “totally unrelated to the one I use for the university,” and that he had removed his account because “I just can�t take the embarrassment.”

That was his account name, he was going by “Mike” and “McCormack.”

The tweet had gone viral the next day.

And now it’s been retweeted thousands of times, including by Mike McCormock himself.

The account has since been deleted, but not before a few students, including me, have tweeted about the tweet and tried to figure it out.

I also had a tweet sent to me from another tweet that was sent from this Twitter account.

And this tweet is from this tweet that had gone out last night.

And when I look at the tweet now, I’m still thinking it’s Mike McCormacks tweet, because I think the two tweets are the same.

I actually didn’t realize the tweet had already been retweeting until I looked at the timeline.

And there was a tweet posted just a few minutes ago from the @mikesmccorrick account.

There’s this person that I have no idea who this is, but he tweeted the same tweet from the Mike McCormicks account.

That person’s Twitter name is @michaelcob.

And on this Twitter timeline, @MichaelCob says he’s a “students adviser,” which is a school employee.

I found this tweet

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