Students of IIT Delhi protest over the cancellation of exams

Students of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi staged a protest over cancellation of their exams in protest of the school administration’s decision to cancel the class, citing “a lack of education”.

The protesters said they were unhappy with the decision to drop the exams and they were not given an explanation for the cancellation.

“I am a student of the IIT-Delhi and I have been studying in the I-D for the past 10 years.

I have received all the necessary certificates.

I had received my certificate as per the norms and I was able to fulfill my studies in the class,” said student Anjum Sharma, who was part of the protest.

He said he was satisfied with the cancellation but felt that the exams would have been better if they had been held in English.

Students of I-Bharat Science and Technology, a private institute, also held a protest at the IAD on Thursday.

“The I-HSC (in-house board) of IAD has cancelled the I.B.S.E.

S (I.B., International Bachelor of Engineering) exam, citing the failure of the test administration.

This was a complete betrayal of students of the institute,” said another student, who is also a student at IIT.

In a statement, the IHSC said it was aware of the protests and “has taken a decision to postpone the exam for further explanation.”

“We have taken the decision due to the overwhelming response of students, faculty and staff of IH, and we are also working to find solutions for students and staff,” the statement said.

IITs vice chancellor said the cancellation was due to a technical issue and would be reviewed.

“We are working with the board of IHC to find the solution.

We will review the matter in due course,” the IHC spokesperson said.

IITs board had said it would announce its decision by November 18.

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