How to write a student-run blog with Google Reader

If you’re looking for a new way to communicate with your students, a student blogging platform might be the way to go.

While many student-led social media platforms such as Tumblr or Medium have their own communities, the student-created website is still the way students should be interacting with their peers online.

Here are four ways to get started with a student driven blog: 1.

Find out more about the platform The platform is called Student Bias, and it’s owned by a team of students from Oxford University.

According to the website, Student Bitch has “a platform for anyone to discuss the causes of bias, and how to tackle it”.

The platform has two sections: one for students and one for staff.

The former is a blog that’s “for everyone”, while the latter is for staff only.

It has a page called “Student Bitch” and a section called “Staff Bitch”.

The first is for student staff, and the second is for other staff.


Set up your own account and start writing The site’s “user profiles” section is where you’ll find your username and password.

This is the same as your Google account.

You’ll need to enter your email address and password when you sign up for the account.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can start writing.

If you’ve created a blog before, you’ll need a blog name, but if you’re new to student blogs, it’s easier to find a name you like.

If your blog isn’t on the Student Bitching platform, you’re free to create a blog and start using it on your own.


Post your content to a sub-reddit If you want to make your content visible to the wider community, there’s a sub called Student-run that allows users to post content.

Here’s how to post your content.


Find a subreddit that you like Create a subreddit for your topic.

It should have a title of “What is a student biased blog?”, so for instance, “student biased” might be a good title for a sub for a topic about “What should students be taught in school?”.


Follow the rules When you start posting content, make sure that you follow the rules for the sub.

You can read more about student bias on Wikipedia.


Share your content You can share content you write on the site by sending an email to [email protected]

The message should include a link to the post and a link back to the Student-Run sub.

If there’s no link back, just follow the instructions on the email.


Read comments You can comment on posts on the website by posting them on the student biased sub.

For example, “hey I’m a student, this is really interesting, I think I’m missing something”.

You can also comment on other posts on this sub.

Student Bitches team members are also able to create threads on other student-driven social media sites.

They can also add comments to other posts in the sub, which makes it easier to follow the posts.


Make a list of all the posts You can find a list on Student BITCH’s website.

You should keep this list in a separate section called the “student bias post”.

If you have a lot of posts, you might need to do this before you can post.

For instance, you could create a post with a list with 10 posts, but with 5 posts each, you’d have to add a few posts in.

For more information on creating and editing lists, see the StudentBitch FAQ.

You also have the option to create an RSS feed to keep track of all your posts.

You have to be logged in to StudentBitches site to see your posts there.


Review your posts The posts you make on the sub will be visible to everyone on the campus.

They’ll be marked as “posted”.

This means that they’ll show up in the student bias blog’s “Featured Posts” section on the Subreddit.

If the post has been “posted” on the Reddit page, it’ll also be listed in the “Featured Post” section.


Share the links You can post links to other student bias posts on StudentBITCH’s Subreddit by posting a link from your post to the SubReddit.

You won’t need to post a link directly to your post on the main StudentBitching site.

You could also create a list to share posts from your SubReddit on the “Subreddit of Interests” page.

This list will show up on the posts page of the main student biased site.

Here is an example of a link you could post to a student bias post on Studentbitch.

StudentBittr’s “Student” page has a list that shows all posts on their SubReddit, which can be accessed through the Studentbittr sidebar.


Create a new student bias account A student bias app is an app that you can install on

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