How to Make Your BSB Video a Million Dollar Business

A student video from the BSB School of Business has gone viral on Facebook.

In the video, a group of college students share their business ideas with a group, all of whom have never worked together before.

It’s a unique approach for a business to have a real audience, and the students have created a viral video for their class to share.

“I think it’s really cool to work with a real student audience.

There are people in the class who really love video, but there’s no one in their classes that is as passionate about video as these students are,” said Sarah Wertz, BSB student business development coordinator.

They have shared their work online, and they have a great following, she said.

“There’s a lot of potential for us to have this as a marketing tool.”

“I was really happy with the video.

I thought it was really good, I really liked the ideas that were presented.

I think it was something that was really cool,” said BSB business development manager Sarah Wartz.

Students shared their idea of a student-led marketing campaign with their classmates at the University of Central Florida.

The students are students at the school, but they work at a company that supplies college students with financial aid.

“This is a really fun way for students to be engaged in this business,” said one of the students, Alex Kuehn.

He said it gives them the opportunity to network and build relationships.

“Students were invited to come in and brainstorm on what their company could do to increase their brand awareness.

Some of the ideas included video production, video marketing, branding, and marketing on social media.”

The student team was really excited about what we had to offer,” said Kuehn.

The group decided to put together a team to help them create the campaign.

They worked with students at UCF’s school of business to create a video that was produced by a BSB team member.”

It was really fun and challenging, but the student team really made the process so much easier,” said Werts.

They are planning to release the video in the coming weeks, she added.

The video has been shared over 1.5 million times.

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